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Re: Force Email Registration with Facebook Connect



There are two ways to do it, first you can go to facebook apps settings, and create a callback upon successful login, and on that callback page you ask the user his email. Or you may setup your account that facebook will ask user if your app is allowed to send him direct emails.

– first case, you need to store the email somewhere else on wp database, since user_email section will be occupied by fb provided proxy email. i don’t know if it breaks the fb-connect functionality if you overwrite that with user’s real email.

– second case, sort of email becomes a gateway to your user. you will see that email on user_email section on wp database, if you send an email however, before user approves through fb, it will bounce.

i haven’t implemented it, this is kind of my research before fb revised their api, so I apologize in advance if it’s not accurate.

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