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Re: Force positioning img in .storycontent

With the text and images living at the same level… there’s not much you can do other than force an alignment. You can’t move an image from the middle of a paragraph to the start of a paragraph. I don’t know what your site is and what kind of content it handles… but what you MIGHT consider is disabling the media buttons in the WYSIWYG editor completely (if possible) and then… if people want to upload media… have them do that via a custom field. The plugin “Custom Field Templates” is great for this. Now you have separate database entries for the content and the media. The media is now post metadata. You can then run an SQL query to grab this data separately and have total control over where it goes, how it looks, etc.

Of course… the bigger question is… how strict do you want to be? Maybe just let them be? Also… my crazy idea above could confuse or annoy uers who a) don’t get it or b) get it but want to put an image HERE damn it!

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