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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS



yeah, I installed about 6+ times and made it work in the end, but don\’t know what the difference is to the 5 times before that. I was going to write down the exact steps I used but then it was so late and promptly forgotten the next day and now it\’s a week later and gosh, no way to exactly trace back… the only thing I remember was that I simplified and actually did LESS than some of the posts suggest. also, as with the alpha I was constantly getting \’table not found\’ error regarding the user table during install, so I ended up not going with 2 db\’s but added this one to the wpmu db – no more error during install and smooth sailing between the two (except that I still need to put the cookies in, as it will not remember as whom I\’m logged in or if at all when switching between buddypress and bbpress… as an admin and a regular user this can become tricky).

not very helpful at this point (sorry about that), I know, and I dread the time that I will have to go through that setup again, but at least I made it work on this one :-)

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