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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS

The “my-plugins” folder is actually based off the root of your forum install. If it is /forums/ then you would have /forums/my-plugins/ for the folder.

The real trouble with getting the forums side working is that it makes the assumption that you have WPMU and bbPress installed 100% and integrated properly even before you start trying to get the buddypress side going. Always make sure the logins are integrated and working right before you continue on.

Biegun also has a point as well. Buddypress accesses bbPress through publically accessible xmlrpc.php and if you put .htaccess in there for password protection, it will break as well since it won’t be able to access the installation.

slaFFik I would just suggest that if you reinstall WPMU 2.7, you also restart on bbPress 1.0 alpha 4 from scratch as well and then integrate the installs off the installation of bbPress and just go through all the steps again without having a bit more information.

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