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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS

@slaFFik I would check that you saved the right information in your WPMU admin for the forum user and that you have pingbacks and xmlrpc checkboxes on in bbPress. As well, you can’t have .htaccess blocking of your forums or it will not work. You can’t use the original force login plugin for bbPress (not mine) or it will not work.

You also have to make sure that you disable the forum for a group and then enable it after each and every change you make to try and get this working. If you enable it and then change more things it will not work. So basically, if it isn’t working, check over and change things to make sure it has the ability to work and then disable/enable the forum for a group. If you enable it and it isn’t working and then you change a setting so that it would work, but don’t disable forum posting and then re-enable, it still won’t work.

Hopefully that isn’t too confusing, but as long as all the settings are there and your WPMU install has access to the bbPress xmlrpc.php file, it should work. There is no doubt that Andy will eventually be doing more for the forums side of things, but it might be a couple of months.

Wish I had a magic wand to get everyone’s forums working, but really it boils down to triple checking all the settings and keep disabling/enabling forums for a group until it works.

As for the WPMU 2.7 download (before it is released), go to the bottom of the following page for the link to the zip.


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