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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS

John James Jacoby


Question about step 1.

You say that the user has to be created on the “bbPress” side. Does this refer to a user that is registered through register.php via the forums? What if my forums were integrated from day 1 with WordPress? Is it okay to just use the “admin” keymaster account?

Question about permalinks and .htaccess.

I am using pretty permalinks on the bbPress side, and there is an .htaccess file on the root of the bbpress install folder. What would I want to look out for to prevent this from causing a problem?

Question about “deep integration”

I am currently including my wp-blog-header.php file inside my bb-config.php file. Will this cause conflicts?

Question about what to do if I swear I’ve followed the steps the way they are written and the ways everyone else has said, and it isn’t working. :)

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