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Re: Forum Integration: HELPING HINTS

Burt Adsit


John, the user you use for group forums just has to have an ‘Administrator’ role or better. Keymaster should work. You should be aware that the password for that user is stored on the wpmu side in plain text in the blog 1 meta data table. Gotta have access to phpmyadmin to get it but..

Your permalinks on the bbpress side don’t have anything to do with it at all. XMLRPC is used and the only query for any type of asset by URL is to the xmlrpc.php file. Permalinks don’t come into play at all. As long as the wpmu side can find your site’s root url and the xmlrpc.php file that is supposed to live there all is well.

Don’t know about the deep integration question.

I followed all the steps and it still wasn’t working. I was doing everything right. I did everything right about 10 times. Still wasn’t working. This thread is me finding out why:

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