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Re: Forum threads not created…



The config files all look square with the set-up, but I may have stumbled onto something; only because I am working on my 4th network set-up in a month.

The install in question on this thread has been shut-down mysteriously on several occasions in the last 2 weeks or so. The first time it happened there seem to be a Twitter belch that affected a number of different Twitter apps. I though nothing of it until about the third or forth crash. To bring the site back up, I disabled Tweetstream.

When I look back over my notes, the Forum issues started about the time of the first Twitter related crash.

I would not have connected the two issues totally until something that occurred this evening. I have been putting the final touches on the latest install which includes Tweetstream. I had tested my forums set up thoroughly. Everything was solid as a brick shi….well…you know. But, after I finally got Tweetstream to go online and received a fatal error on my first update that included a tweet. The forums were as broke as the original install.

The other two installs do not have the Tweetstream plugin active, and the forums are running flawless.

I realize I need (and I will) take this up with the Tweetstream folks, but I need a little direction as how I can recover my forums. The networks I have set up are pretty darned active and a lot of the members camp out at the to work.

Any ideas?

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