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Re: Forum topic delete doesn't delete “activity” feeds



This is quite a big problem. I deleted a user account but it didn’t delete the forum posts the user made. It only deletes his name in the feed but the content of the topic is still on the forum for the specific group. Now if it was a spammer(s) you would have to filter through all the groups/forums that they created and replied on topics and delete them. This will be quite tedious as you can’t search for the user in the database and delete all the topics related to that user because his name is deleted but not the content. You would have to manually filter through everything and I don’t think it will work.

John James Jacoby – You mentioned

“Which version of BP? This will be fixed in 1.2 as I think it’s just a missing or incorrectly named action. “

Where is this action so that I can insert it into my BP 1.1.3 installation? Is it simple?

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