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Re: Forum user roles and moderator ability — BP 1.2-RC2 / WP 2.9.1



Where can you assign these Roles to Groups? Sorry if this is somehow obvious, but I can’t find any documentation on User Roles on the Buddypress site or anywhere else. And I have these fundamental questions:

1. Is there a way to assign user roles to Groups/Forums?

2. Is the creator of a group the “admin” for that group? I assume so, but then, who is the Moderator, and how does a Group Admin assign a Moderator to their group?

3. How do I give any user that has the role “Moderator” the ability to edit/delete any Group or Forum topics or posts created by any user below the Moderator level (such as Subscribers)?

4. Can I turn off the “Create a Group” function for anybody but Admins and Moderators?

What I’d like to do is have it so only Moderators and above can create groups, but Moderators and above can also edit and delete groups, forum topics, group/forum posts, etc. Is this possible?

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