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Re: Forums Not Being Created



Here’s my hosting co’s reply:

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the ticket, I’m afraid I haven’t got an easy solution for you. WE don’t allow RPCs to be made back to the same server, I can understand your usage is entirely legitimate, but a poorly designed rpc back on a server can easily result in a nasty infinite loop, eating up server resources.

However, rather than just send you away empty handed, I can think of a way round it. However, you would need packages on separate webservers – this will allow them to call each other.

Best Wishes

Craig Cotter

Heart Internet Support

I know it can be done in theory….. (just a few more lines in the bbPress bb-config.php file to cope with being on a different server)

So I guess it’s time to write the distributed integration tutorial if anyone has any pointers..

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