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Re: Forums Not Being Created

Lance Willett


Here are the instructions from Burt to test your host/server setup for XML-RPC support.

Follow this link to download the XML-RPC test that Burt created:

The test consists of two files. The first file is a bbPress plugin that you activate in the bbPress plugins area that acts as a XML-RPC server and responds to a simple “say hello” type call. The second file goes in the root of your MU setup.

This test bypasses all the “bbpress_live/discover_pingback_server_uri()” stuff that might be giving you problems. If this works then the issue is most likely in that area and could be a host/server problem.

To load the test, first install the “oci-bb-sayhello.php” file to your bbPress install root in a folder called “my-plugins” (create the folder if it doesn’t exist). Then log into bbPress and activate the plugin. Next, drop the “oci-bp-sayhello.php” file into the root of our MU install so that you can navigate to it easily. Then load “your-site/oci-bp-sayhello.php” in a browser and see what the output is.

There are several possible points of failure if the test fails to authenticate the BuddyPress user that is created for the connection between BuddyPress and bbPress.

1) The BuddyPress connection username/password isn’t the same as the username/password that exists in bbPress. That username/password is stored in “wp_site_meta”.

2) The bbPress user is not an administrator.

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