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Re: Forums Not Being Created

Lance Willett


Are there any errors in your server logs?

Based on those database values I’d say that it’s clear that when you create a new group it’s not creating a new forum in bbPress, otherwise your new group would also have a meta_key with a value of “forum_id” and your bp_forums table would have a new entry as well.

This might be a hard one to track down as it could be a problem with your host/server and not with BuddyPress/bbPress.

Just as a matter of being thorough… did you follow Trent’s steps or the steps in the forum component readme file?

When I did my setup I used the readme file steps and everything worked smoothly. Nothing against Trent’s tips and tricks, but I found that if I followed the readme steps it worked fine.

Do you have a way to try the same setup on a different server or maybe on your local machine?

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