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Re: Forums Posting Problems: The definitive post

I reproduced the problem and found a solution.

bbforum is not creating its tables or entries after using the one-click install on Dreamhost. Dreamhost’s one-click install yields a unique wp-config.php file with several differences that might be the problem. bb-config.php settings were fine.

A manual installation fixes the problem.

@cmroybal – you might be able to fix wp-config.php. If that doesn’t work, a fresh manual installation will definitely do the trick. It isn’t too difficult. You can create a database within Dreamhost (rather the phpmyadmin), and upload WordPress via ftp. After that, it takes about 1 minute for the WP install.

For those of you wondering if the problem related to multisite — it does not. I have that working as well.

“There was an error when creating the topic” really should say “There was an error because of a one-click install.” ;)

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