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Re: Forums Posting Problems: The definitive post

It took thecoup actually replicating my process to convince me

That isn’t entirely the correct approach, it is up to the individual , where possible, to test all possible conditions to be able to rule them out of the process of troubleshooting. To base ones belief that something ought to work on past experience is flawed, simply having performed this extremely simple process of a manual install would have saved a lot of time and a lot of human resources in trying to troubleshoot this for you ;)

One click installs are for newbs, don’t be one, don’t use these horrible automated systems; FTP and SSH are simple enough protocols with easy to use apps, and working this way gives you greater control.

Just to recap on this thread:
On page 1 modemlooper gave this advice: (note the bold text)

Just a tip. Never use one click installs. Create the database and upload the WP files. I can’t say this will fix the problem but it could be worth a try. Your hosts one click could be broken.

cmroybal -replied:

modemlooper: Thanks for the tip. I have successfully installed around 10 other websites with WP via one-click install and have never faced any problems like this with a plugin. There might be a conflict between the Buddypress plugin and this type of WP install, but I haven’t heard of anybody else identifying this as a problem before.

What do others think?

Flawed logic is apparent! what may have happened in the past does not necessarily hold true for the present situation. You appear to rule out modemloopers suggestion based on the fact that you have never heard of anyone else identifying this problem – we need to keep in mind here that installing WP manually takes around 2 -3 minutes. you end that comment by passing back the onus to others , at this stage it is irrelevant what others think, testing the possibility was the correct course of action.

modemlooper – replied further:

I’ve used one clicks and on occasion it’s broken. If you can do a manual install I’d try it.

yet again modemlooper urges that the manual install is tried yet it seems to fall on deaf ears :)

Sorry to come across in this manner but it’s a useful thread to highlight where time and resources can be wasted when simple tests are not performed.

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