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Re: Forums Posting Problems: The definitive post


throughout your long ramble you forgot one important fact that I plainly stated at the end of my first post: “I do not know much about programming or dealing with databases…” So I must firstly apologize by saying: “Sorry for being an impatient newb.”

I am very much a newb, and I was looking for someone who had experienced the exact same problem to tell me what to do. I am not interested in troubleshooting forever and ever, especially if I do not know how exactly to troubleshoot in the first place since I am a newb. People like me – newbs – sometimes come to forums like this for direct help, not to necessarily work through the problem ourselves. That’s what you super knowledgeable non-newbs can do; help us newbs not waste a lot of time. That is one of the reasons I included such a detailed list of steps in the first place. I was hoping someone who either spot my mistake right off from experience or else replicate my process and prove they know what is wrong. I was looking for certainty, not just what might work. Therefore, again I apologize for my impatience and non-desire to continue to troubleshoot. I should have maybe stated this also in my first post.

In modemlooper’s case: I wanted someone who was certain about what the problem was. He never said that he had my exact same problem and fixed it by doing a manual install. At the point when I posted in this forum, I did not want to simply “try” any more fixes, I wanted to “implement” the correct fix ASAP. And I did work off some flawed logic because I hadn’t experienced any problems with WP One-Click installs in the past, but again I did not want to waste time on possible fixes and in the case of a manual install, I did not even know how to do one in the first place. I apologize to modemlooper if I am not expressing enough credit for his advice; the fact that he knew the answer in the end should bring him enough satisfaction.

thecoup told me what I wanted to hear; He replicated my process and figured out definitively what went wrong. This newb needed to hear something definitive at this point in my journey. I am sorry for needing that.

I apologize if my mindset was to come in here and get an easy fix, but I just simply don’t have the time or desire to discover some of these fixes on my own. That is one of the major reasons I use one-click installs in the first place; I do not know how to manual install and I do not do most of my own programming or website maintenance for myself. Hope this bit of information helps you understand the mind of the newb and remember that you all – the non-newbs – have an important role sometimes: just to tell the newbs what to do because you can.

Thanks all again.

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