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Re: Found this all new 'Anti-Splog_ anti -spam for BP



I joined it, and downloaded it – but have yet to use it.. apparently the plugin requires a “phone home” to one of the wpmu dev computers every time someone or some spammer tries to sign up – and you need to have a current subscription to their premium service in order for that part to work… I asked in their forums (as a paid current member) if the other parts of the plugin will still work if I discontinue my monthly paid subscription to wpmu dev premium – and I got no response about that.. so I have yet to install it – as I can not see paying every month for the rest of my life…

there has also been discussion about using the plugin to go through all of your past members and looking for splogers – and apparently it will not work for that – only for new signups…

Right now my hope is that bp-registration options ( ) will incorporate some of the tricks from TTC ban hammer ( )and that the buddypress code will actually make it easier for us stop spmmers – right now buddypress ignores wordpress’ ban email domain features – and that just sucks – the bp registration options stops about 80% of the spammers from being able to post – but there is something in the BP code that lets some of them scoot right through, even with hashcash plugin, SI captcha plugin, and the BP registration Options running – buddpress wastes about 3 hours a week of my time simply deleting sploggers… but hey there are new features coming soon right? LOL

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