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Re: Fresh install – WP2.9.2(single) – can't create Groups

ruthlessbookie, you were right on the money – thank you very much indeed…:-)

This is an issue with the Buddypress Template Pack – that is, the Template Pack does a great job of fitting Buddypress fairly neatly into an existing theme – and on going back through everything again, the Template Pack run-through does mention the navigation tags – but this perhaps needs to be emphasised a little more, making the point that without the Groups navigation tag you can’t actually get to the Create a Group option?

Also – the problem with the new accounts not setting up was that I was using a capital letter in the name. In the default Buddypress theme, this brings up an error message that explains that only lowercase can be used. It would probably be helpful to quite a few people if that same error message could be duplicated in the Template Pack – or failing that, it might be a good idea to tell people to emphasise to their visitors that the name needs to be in lowercase (since it’s not a very common request).

Still, having got through these minor hiccups, we’re up and running – and it really does do a surprisingly good job out of the box – impressive work, everyone involved…:-)

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