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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3




well said.

I guess what we do NOT need is “twittering” and “tweets” with 140 letters.

But what we do need is a feature to “FOLLOW” somebody we are interested in, like “follow” somebody because we like the way he is writing his Blog or we do like someones opinion on something. Following somebody does not relate to the “quality and somewhat lenghy” content of that specific person.

In fact we could “FOLLOW” a “Person” as well as a “Group” – and after a while get to the point to invite this person for a “Friendship” or decide to “Join” a specific Group.

Hm well……

reading what I have just wrote myself – not really sure whether we really do need a “FOLLOW”-feature after all. Because if you like somebody, you can directly request a “Friendship” without following him for a year ;-)

So at the end: do we really need all this TWITTER-FOLLOWING-stuff ?

Probably just having something like “subscribe to this Forum-Thread” or “subscribe to this Blog” and receive an e-mail when there are any updates would be what we REALLY need ?


Keep It Simple & Stupid

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