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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3

John James Jacoby


If this was the direction we’d go, it would probably be something like:

1. Deprecate “Friends” component code into a separate downloadable plugin that can still be used exactly like it is now, just not part of the core anymore.

2. Merge friends functionality into private “user” groups so that developers can choose to ditch the “friends” model if they want, rename it to “homies” or “classmates” or whatever, or keep it if they’d like to. (Boone is right on this one; the skin on top of this additional group functionality would make “friends” look and work pretty much identical to how it does now.)

3. “Friends” would replaced with the core ability to “follow” peoples activity, and for your activity to be followed by others. (Andy and I have also tossed around the idea of when people follow each other, that an automatic friendship is assumed.)

Thanks again everyone for joining in on this with your opinions. Our goal is to keep each component as flexible and adaptable as possible, while avoiding code bloat and also trying to avoid duplicating similar features that could just be one flexible component.

You’re all awesome. :D

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