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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3



I really like the idea of “following” people and making lists (friends/co-workers/family) which you can use to filter the activity stream (just like Twitter). But have you thought about how you would like to display this? This new “follow/friends” stream should on a seperate page or on your profile homepage (normal visitors only see your activity stream, you see the stream of all the people you follow)

This way you would visit your profile homepage to get an update of all your friends activity and the network homepage to see what’s happening on the entire network. Basically you would have a “user home” and a “network home”. I think this would be a very good idea and with the inclusion of widgets for both homepages it would be very cool

I’m currently working on my website and made two examples of how I would like to see it done:

User homepage

Network homepage

Consistent layout but different content: sitewide and personal!

ps: Merry Christmas everyone!

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