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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3



At least leave the friending as an option please, first wire is taken away and now friends? I believe friends are a core element of a good social network, unless rebuilding twitter you don’t have to follow someone (@matt kern), build a plugin if you want such a feature.

@ Erich73

Lets replicate real life, instead of creating artificial behaviour.

Social networking isn’t real life! Are we working towards making everyone lazy bastards who don’t even step away from their computer? Besides, in real life you call people friends/colleagues/partners when you don’t even know them that well, so is that really that different? In fact you can find out more about a person through a social network then you can by just talking to them.

You meet people through friends and meet even more through those friends, isn’t that what a social network is for?

If friending gets taken out in 1.3, then I’ll stay with Buddypress 1.2.

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