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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3

Jeff Sayre


I agree with MrMaz’s assessment above. We should be thinking about extending the BuddyPress framework and not deprecating major components at this time.

The ability to assign more than one type of “friend” was something I proposed 10 months ago but was somehow deleted as a future enhancement by an anonymous person. That may have been an automatic “deletion” as it was around the time that the phrase “future enhancement” was replaced with “future release.” But, I would have thought that the ticket would have simply been switched to that new milestone indicator.

My suggestion in the link above is what jjj refers to in this comment on his Trac ticket linked to in this thread’s OP:

It would solve Jeff Sayre’s user relationship issue too…

The best solution to accomplish my suggestion is to extend the Friends Component and model the data in a one to many relationship. Simply relegating friends to another type of group does not accomplish the goal.

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