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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3

John James Jacoby


@erich73, this idea actually helps your issue along, as it would allow you to rename “friends” to be anything you want it to be. In theory, your users could group people together that they’ve gone on dates with, if not for any other reason but grouping them together for their own sake. In some cases the term “friends” isn’t accurate, and all that friends are is a group of users that have a specific scope of access.

This idea could even be used to group people together that you don’t want to access your profile. Or you could group people together that you work with, family, etc… Or you could use groups in the same old traditional manner to create little micro communities within a website.

Again, this is all just theory and talk at this point. The point of this topic (and the trac) is to open up the idea for community discussion to get opinions and ideas before I/we decide to pull the trigger(s) and make it so.

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