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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3



I’m very late to this party, but since I’ll be developing when 1.3 comes out, here’s my two pennies.

I believe the modularity and CMS capabilities of WP/BP should be expanded. I think we need the ability to create different “content types,” “user types”. Groups could essentially be a user type. Users are a user type. Tournaments, Classrooms, Camping Trips could all be user types. Differentiation is based on functionality and capabilities. I’d like to see a single API work with user types as I hope WP is moving toward for content types.

Let me decide what a friend can do just as a group. Because “groups” can have multiple distinct members, they require a bit more thought, but other than that it should be the same.

BTW, I would never want users to have their own individual forum, but someone else might and that’s the point.

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