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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3



After some thought I kinda like the idea of giving friends a central place to talk just like a regular group. Here are my thoughts:

I think it could work very well and some group-like functions should be added to the My Friends/My Network idea proposed here.

but I also think the “My Friends” should be more limited then a regular group and would serve a different purpose then a regular group. A regular groups allows for more in-depth user interaction which is also viewable for the general audience of your community, while the My Friends section should be a quick way to interact with all your friends and to filter new stuff based on your friend types (familiy, work, regular friends). It does not need to have a discussion forum, I think it’s main focus should be a “friends” activity stream + extension possibilities trough a Friend API (based on a group API)

The way I see it the “My Friends” page should be an overview of all your friends activity and let you filter content just like the activity stream. I am working on a screenshot to visualize my vision :). Hope to have it finished today!

I really like the idea to filter your friends by category, and for instance show only the activity of my family members. I also like the idea extending “My Friends” by showing Tweets from my friends etcetera.

think that this is important because Groups are meant to

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