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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3

Mike Pratt


@jjj You confuse Group with “grouping of friends” I get your point but you wouldn’t create a group on just to group your friends. That’s not what a group even means. It is an aggregation around a concept or a topic that people self associate/ask to be a part of or are invited to associate with. It’s like a little contextual club within the site. What you are speaking of in your example is a grouping of friends which the BP Api should allow for and hopefully will. The you’ll be able to filter by friends or groupings of friends. That becomes personal. On the group side, you can join Groups and then say “keep me up on all that happens in said Group” or better yet, show me activity in Group X by my friends only.

Friending someone does have meaning. it means you care about that person’s activity. At this point people who try to shoehorn the traditional definition of “friend” into the social media-sphere will end up pulling their hair out. It was a co-opted term from the start. We have to live with that.

All said, John, I am your friends wether we click a button or not :-)

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