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Re: Friends and Groups for BuddyPress 1.3



Thanks for further explaining yourself JJJ, and I like the general concept behind a lot.. But the idea that speaks to me the most is making BuddyPress in general more flexible and not “hook” into the group API but make a new one based on that which can not only be used for groups but also for users (and thus friends options).

The idea to make a general API which can be hooked in by the Core components and 3rd Party plugins seems to me the best solution. If you take the group API for example and use it’s functions for individual users:

– Add extra signup pages/fields

– Add new pages

– Add new navigational items etc

All these things are possible with the Group API but take lots of work with a regular profile. Like MrMaz said you could break these functions into smaller parts which can be called upon and extended upon for Groups, Users, Friends and the Activity stream.

The amount of possibilities for new plugins would be endless :D Once again I’m no programmer and this is coming from as a site admin/BP enthousiast/”Copy and Paste and pray to god I don’t get a white screen of death” kinda guy..

edit: I would also like to say that Mike perfectly summorized my exact ideas of what a group should be and what a group of friends means. Well spoken. I’m getting a Deja Vu here lol :D

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