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Re: Future of BP

Don’t be fooled by the forums. Forums for software are always going to be full of people with problems, it’s just the nature of the beast. People who set up BuddyPress and are happy with it don’t post. People only come here when they have a problem.

Generally most of the issues brought up here are user/hosting created. If I see anything that I think is an actual bug, I investigate or ask for it to be added to trac. This is not a high percentage of threads.

BuddyPress is moving forward quite quickly, 1.1 broke a lot of early development because a lot of forward thinking changes were made. This is new software and it can’t be held back right out of the gate to support older code. Most of the plugins that are broken can be fixed with a few function changes.

I can’t speak for any other platforms, but remember, the rabbit never wins the race. Boonex/Dolphin is certainly not without its development problems.

If you’re looking for direction, then the roadmap is a good place to start. Or you can talk in IRC to people who are helping with development: #buddypress-dev on Freenode.

Best of all, start taking bugs and fixing them and submitting patches. If you’re not a developer then consider writing some documentation, or helping out in the forums with experiences. Community is the most important thing.

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