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Re: Gallery

Brajesh Singh


well, Now here is my view, as I am currently involved in developing this plugin.

I think I would like to clarify a few things which are mentioned above.

First of all thanks to Bowe and everyone interested in the plugins.

, the membership is $30 for 3 months(and Hopefully It will include further updates free too, as far as I think of now). I won’t go into details as It is community site and advertisement should be avoided here.


yes It is GPL and all what I have done is GPLed till date(But for the first time it contains a price tag, as I want to keep the development active and not let it die because of my other jobs).


You know, this plugin requires a membership which is itself a guarantee that I will keep it alive/push the updates in future.

rest, It is GPL, so You can always fork and update it yourself incase you want, which I do not suspect will happen anytime soon.


Yes, you are right, this is going to be released under GPL, Currently I am charging some amount to access it. The reason I charge for it currently is I am going to put a lot more effort in future to make it better and better.

Once it reaches maturity in 3-6 months, with all the features, I will make it freely available, as after that, It may not require major updates on my part.

That’s it.

PS:If moderators feel anything I wrote is in appropriate, please feel free to remove that part from the post :)

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