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@Mike Pratt and Bowe, my general point is the same problem Microsoft Windows used to be criticized for; putting too many applications into an operating system while they should have strengthened/secured the core and focused on usability first.

Let 3rd party developers spend time on creating awesome functionalities for our BuddyPress sites which are fully integrated with BPs functions, so we should not have to revert to external scripts and “hacks”.

So Buddypress is The Standard and everybody else has to adapt? I don’t see Zenphoto rewriting their excellent, mature script to become a plugin for Buddypress. So then I would have to hope enthusiastic volunteers will reinvent the wheel within BP.

If Buddypress has a solid core and APIs that make it easy to integrate external scripts, you don’t have to resort to hacks. Modular vs monolithic!

You always claim NOT to be a programmer but have no problem taking shots at the evolution of the core.

I have been an IT journalist for over ten years. I’m not a php programmer, but can sort of follow what the code does and see how the database is structured. Buddypress is built on WPMU which is built on WP and it shows. WordPress was for managing posts on a blog. A social network is for managing people/profiles, but Buddypress doesn’t even a have built-in way to store first name and last name, which immediately becomes a problem when you try to do event registration.

If there’s something available that’s built on BP or WP, then I’d rather use that, even if there are less features. If there’s something that I really need, then I’d just add it myself. I’d actually been thinking of turning NextGEN into a BP plugin.

The ZenphotoPress plugin is actually very effective. After testing both I absolutely prefer the combination of Zenphoto->ZenphotoPress->Wordpress over NextGen->Wordpress. The Zenphoto solution, not cramming everything into one plugin, is more solid and versatile.

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