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Re: Gallery

Mike Pratt


@peter BuddyPress does have a way to store 1st name and last name….custom fields. Andy didn’t need to build it in. The only difference b/t BP and Facebook here is that FB lets you login with username as well. I’m sure you could write a plugin to replicate that functionality. Beyond that, they have 1st and last name fields…just like I do on my BP site…as well as a “display field” You can manage event registration by username if you choose but, since it’s your site, you could easily require 1st and last names.

You have a misguided view of what BP is and what extensibility really means here.

I don’t see Zenphoto rewriting their excellent, mature script to become a plugin for Buddypress

The ZenphotoPress plugin is actually very effective

Make up your mind.

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