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I don’t see Zenphoto rewriting their excellent, mature script to become a plugin for Buddypress

The ZenphotoPress plugin is actually very effective

Make up your mind.

I’ll explain it one more time so even you can understand; a stand-alone application that has a plugin to interface with WordPress is NOT the same thing as WordPress plugin.

… plugins are not hacks. Plugins are modular.

I never said plugins are hacks. Learn to read. I’m a big fan of plugins, but I prefer plugins that interface with existing, mature applications over plugins with entire applications written from scratch.

Case in point – I want to commit to a Gallery plugin. So let’s say I do and get users to upload thousands of pics. All is well. Dev stops. BP progresses and gallery breaks. I am faced with either correcting myself, finding another and hopefully resurrecting all the images, comments, galleries, etc (prob impossible) or <shudder> asking people to re-upload (not happening) I am ok taking risks but wondered how others deal with this issue (same applies for the seemingly stalled events plugin)

Solution: Use solid, mature stand-alone applications like Zenphoto. If they don’t have an interface plugin with WordPress, write one.

The key word here is ‘was’. If you know anything about WP, then you should know that by now it’s one of the most versatile CMS around.

Sure, functionality is ever-expanding, but the foundation is still blog centered.

BuddyPress does have a way to store 1st name and last name….custom fields …

My point is that they are not built-in, which is weird for a social network. And if you add them as custom fields you have to write your own custom function to get them into wp_usermeta.

But OK people, good luck writing that kick-ass gallery plugin for Buddypress! I won’t be wasting my time on it. I’ll be busy restructuring Buddypress’ crappy registration form.

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