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Re: Gallery



@Mike Pratt, the original subject of this thread was whether Buddypress should get a Gallery feature:

Can someone please tell me if there will one day be an Gallery / Albums feature for this software. I am holding back my site due to its main use is to let users create albums. I know there are some third party plugins but not of them i have found are truly any good. Please Please Please someone make this happen

Then David Lewis added requests for an event feature:

… bp-events. It’s not keeping pace with BP 1.2 development. Which is fine. What do you want for free… right?! But with BP being such a niche right now… we don’t have any other options. We have to live with the broken solution or roll our own.

My point is that Buddypress can never be all things to all people. Events may be “a mission critical component” to David Lewis’ site – also for me BTW! – but to someone else ecommerce may be mission critical. Or paid membership. Or collaboration tools. Or whatever.

The problems Vincole, David Lewis and even you mentioned are typical for plugins; many of them are simply not very good, are not keeping up with WP/WPMU/BP and sometimes development stops entirely.

So I argued that it’s probably more efficient to use plugins to connect to existing scripts and that the attention of Buddypress developers should be on APIs that make that easier and strenghtening the core, not chasing features.

I’m just giving my feedback as a non-PHP-programmer trying to use the script, but apparently questioning the primacy and infallibility of Buddypress is a grave offense to some on this board. That’s disappointing.

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