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Re: Gallery

Mike Pratt


@DJPaul Hear, Hear. It is a common tactic of those who sling negativity and personal attacks to resort to a cry of “it’s a grave offense to criticize” when they are called out on it.

The bottom line is that no system is perfect. It’s certainly not all things to all people. Sometimes a component seems more “core” than others (based on it’s universal desirability) Gallery and Events fall into that category. Because of their importance to so many, the decision on which one to go with is a big one for most of us. hence the discussion.

So the discussion becomes, which direction should we go (with an image gallery, for example) NOT Oh and BP sucks so bad , etc.

So let’s hope everyone can take DJ’s advice and get back to discussing image options in BP.

btw Brajesh’s Gallery goes beta today. FTW

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