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Re: Gallery

Mike Pratt


While I am inclined to go ahead and pay for the gallery as it does look promising, I admit to anxiety about one thing:

BP has introduced a new phenom – namely….in the past when we ran our our WP powered site and installed some 3rd party plugins, we relied on their development to keep up with WP core dev. If it didn’t, well, that sucked but we could go find another and the only suffering was by us and possibly our readership. NOW…there is an additional twist…our members. Case in point – I want to commit to a Gallery plugin. So let’s say I do and get users to upload thousands of pics. All is well. Dev stops. BP progresses and gallery breaks. I am faced with either correcting myself, finding another and hopefully resurrecting all the images, comments, galleries, etc (prob impossible) or <shudder> asking people to re-upload (not happening)

I am ok taking risks but wondered how others deal with this issue (same applies for the seemingly stalled events plugin)

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