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Re: Generate username (+ blog url) from fullname



One way off the top of my head would be to inject a JavaScript into the registration page – you’d use the BP name function to get what you want. There is already Wp code for “sanitizing” blog post names, and perhaps other areas too. Then it’s a matter of using the JavaScript to set the HTML field’s value, and CSS to hide it.

Thanks DJPaul! That sounds doable. Would it be possible to put that in a plugin or would it have to be inserted in core files?

Well, if you aren’t looking at how the underlying registration functions are coded, then how can you say with such certainty that this is not a WPMU issue?

What I need wouldn’t touch the underlying registration functions. All I need is another way to insert that username into the database on registration. Hiding a field on a form is basically an html/css issue, stuff that I know enough about.

Again, if the username would be generated from Buddypress’ required fullname field, it by definition is not a WPMU issue.

Also getting a more consistent connection in how Buddypress and WPMU handle first name + last name is not a WPMU issue; it’s about how Buddypress (x-profile) hooks into and synchronizes with WPMU.

WPMU does not allow you to position the username field in a different sequence–not without behind the scenes changes.

I have already done that once. It’s no problem. It’s annoying WPMU mixes presentation and functionality in the registration, but I’ll work with what I get.

Without contracting with a coder or coding yourself, you’re out of luck.

I am trying to code myself where I can and am certainly considering contracting a coder. I need to figure out what I need exactly first. Also with these posts I’m trying to point out some imho weaknesses in Buddypress that should get more attention and judging from the private comments I’ve received I’m not the only one struggling with these issues.

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