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Re: Get Each Blogs Description



I think I may have been a little unclear about what I am trying to do. I don’t want the blog’s description that is currently in the wp_bp_user_blogs_blogmeta table. I want the blog description that was entered in wp_{blog_id}_options table for each blog. The bp_blog_description tag works whether I copy over the file to the child theme or not. So what my plugin does is allow each blogger to update the buddypress table that corresponds with the current blog with a 250 character description of that blog.

@mercime, at some point I will. But at the moment I don’t feel comfortable sharing it because it was just a quick and dirty (yet secure) solution for me. Once I clean it up and test it more thoroughly, I will release it if people are really interested in a plugin like this. But maybe someone else has a better solution to be able to tap into each blog’s options table to pull the blog description. On second thought, maybe there isn’t a way and that is why the buddypress blog meta table exists in the first place.

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