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Re: get_userdata(): should I be worried about too many db queries?

John James Jacoby


Burt Adsit made a plugin called bpGroups that was able to consolidate the essential user data, but with recent changes to XMLRPC, BP, and bbPress, my guess is that plugin no longer works as expected.

To be honest, WordPress has never really been “light” if you know what I mean, at least not like bbPress is. If you’re using the BuddyPress Group Forums, then you probably have a lot of userdata already available from previous queries in the loop. If you’re using bbPress only and trying to get specific userdata or xprofile data, that’s going to usually require some expensive queries to pull off; I would look at how bbPress already does it with userdata per post, and see how it’s able to to do it. Chances are it’s already been called or that the userdata has already been grabbed previously. If you don’t use an IDE like netbeans to trace variable values, then try a print_r or var_dump of the user variable in the loop, and see what it gives you.

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