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Re: Getting rid of Gravatars …



I don’t understand why there can’t be a simple option in the dashboard to disable Gravatars all together.

With the possibilities offered by BuddyPress, chances are there will be an increasing number of semi-corporate web sites or portals that will make it on line with a LOT of content. They are all going to want top scores in Page-Speed & Y-slow and getting an (F) on URL Redirects, because they might want to use the “recently active members” widget (for example), is not going to please anyone.

I understand wanting to promote an in house project, but even Microsoft had to give up forcing Internet Explorer on people… Couldn’t there be a simple “choice” which might default to Gravatar but still let users decide what they want to do with their website?

This is really inefficient and frustrating. Please consider this problem as a priority because it really is :-(

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