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Re: Getting theme to work (infocus)



Yesterday I discovered that if I use the links from the last page of bp template thingie:

Navigation Links

You may want to add new navigation tabs or links to your theme to link to BuddyPress directory pages. The default set of links are:

* Activity:

* Members:

* Groups:

* Forums:

* Register: (registration must be enabled)

These do work and use my customized index.php from the folders in my theme file. I have no idea where the bar gets the urls and why it ignores my cutomisation.

I might not want to use the bar anyway, but even if I create a menu of my own I would like to be able to use the more specified links in the bar aside from the standard ones, ie all the subthings, and just copying and paste those obviously wont work.

Is there any widget one can use that has the same things that are in the buddypress bar?

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