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Re: give each blog their own buddypress?



@Jeff – It’s ‘similar’ to what I am talking about, but not really.

I guess the best way to put it is: ‘How do I turn buddypress into buddypress-mu?’

Believe me, I was trying to avoid asking the question like that because it’s a little deceptive. Obviously if there were a buddypress-mu then all of my problems would be solved out of the box.

I seriously doubt we’ll see buddypress-mu anytime soon, enless there is information I am not aware of.

In the meantime, I was thinking of taking a different approach with bp.

With my new plugins, each blog has it’s own member base. (members are transparently added in the background to the root blog as well as the future bp blog behind the scenes through the wpmu admin)

Now since each blog has it’s own member base, I would then have to figure out how to tell buddypress to only display information pertinent to those members who belong to the blog in question.

example: I create buddypress pages on a subdomain blog and add the bp widgets

members list would only show members belonging to that blog via filters

activity would only show activity from those members of that blog


All that part would be possible if we can figure out how to dump the buddypress registration, and have buddypress use the built in wpmu registration system. That’s because wpmu already knows which blogs a member belongs to.

Seriously… why in the world does buddypress have a separate user system in the first place, when wpmu has a world class user system already available to use………

anyhow, I hope that makes more sense.

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