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Re: give each blog their own buddypress?



I believe that the first huge step towards each buddypress install having it’s ‘own’ members is now complete. In order to accomplish this, we needed to start out where each blog can have it’s own members.

I just uploaded a new plugin to that may be useful to you. I know many have complained about this.

It allows people to register for an individual blog using the normal registration process. In WPMU all registrations are forwarded to wp-signup.php, so it is impossible for a visitor to register for only a sub-blog. This plugin overrides WPMU and restores the default WordPress registration page for sub-blogs (


* Compatible with plugins like Register Plus to control registrations.

* You can edit the default user role sitewide (subscriber, author, etc.).

* You can also control whether users can adjust their own blog registration settings.

* If users can control their own registration settings, a menu with that option appears under Users->User Registrations.

* Does not affect main blog. Registrations there are maintained at wp-signup.php.

Check it out:

I would be curious to hear from the bp devs if this is the right plan of attack for laying the groundwork for individual blogs to have their own buddypress.

My idea being that once we have ‘separated’ the wpmu members so each member actually registers and belongs to an individual blog, we can then start filtering the bp widgets to only show activity/members/groups/etc.. that belong to the blog which is displayed.

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