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Re: Going Live?



It’s actually fairly easy. First you make a complete backup of your existing site (files and database). Then you copy the new files across to your server and activate BuddyPress. Adjust the options and you’re done!

If you don’t feel like setting all the options again or you have created already some groups for example, then you could export your local BP database tables and import them via PHPMyAdmin into your existing site.

The same is true for any blogs you have created locally that don’t exist yet online. In this case you will have to change some settings in the database after you imported the sql file. Basically, you do a search for your local url in your online database and replace it with your real url. You will have to do the same if you import the complete local database (e.g. if you synched your local dev site already with your online site).

It’s worth saying it again: Don’t forget to backup your existing site!


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