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Re: Grasping at straws now – should WPMU & BP be in same DB or different?

John James Jacoby


Just registered on your site as “guest”

When I attempt to create a group. The “previous” and “next” buttons are always there. You’re correct to assume part of the problem is with the avatar cropping tool, because the issue isn’t with groups, it’s with user avatars too.

Your bug in the trac wasn’t deleted because I responded to it a few hours ago also, but saw the post here and figured it would be the easiest way to find you…

Are you able to upload images to your WordPress blog?

I haven’t seen an issue like this before, so this looks like a configuration issue of some kind. I know you’ve said you’ve tried this on a bunch of hosts, but something isn’t jiving on your installs.

Can you try the updated version of WordPressMU ( and see if the problem continues?

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