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Re: Grasping at straws now – should WPMU & BP be in same DB or different?



Hi JJJ – just had a mosey around the site back end – your avatar image shows in the WPMU users list, but not on the BP user list (e.g. if I go to “make friends” your user name is there, but not your avatar, same if I go to the members list from the main menu buttons below the buddy bar. Similarly, on the BP themed home page, your avatar doesn’t reveal in the site-wide activity in the recent activity (middle) column.

Will run the WPMU upgrade shortly – was waiting for you to finish trying before I did that.

Posts in WPMU blogging have a similar issue with images – example – using the site default blog, an image uploads fine but doesn’t display in media manager or in the post preview (both edit page and save-draft-&-preview.

I still keep coming back to that path name ” /blogs.dir/ ” I am convinced (without rational reason) that the period in that name is the issue. If upgrading to doesn’t fix it, I’ll have a go at changing that folder name to a standard name type and see if that assists, then post back here.

It’ll be a couple of hours thouggh as I have some offline urgent jobs that are long overdue.

Many thanks for investigating


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