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Re: Grasping at straws now – should WPMU & BP be in same DB or different?



Them errors was when it was activated. I’ve since deactivated it, then went for a siesta to cogitate on this.

I’m starting to think I need to wipe the install and database, and start again from scratch – if a full new install continues to give the same errors then I might just give up on it altogether, and ditch BP for a year or so to allow it to “mature” while I build the blog-only WPMU sites I have on the drawing board.

I appreciate your help and everything, but such a “little thing” as avatars have lost me a week of site development already, and if BP is going to go rogue on me and kill the site each time I upgrade WPMU (knowing they issue uprades every time the wind changes) then I can’t risk trying to build any sites around it.

Another issue surfaced during the WPMU upgrade in that this server failed to complete the auto-upgrade (even though single-blog WP installs on the same server do upgrade using it) and I need to dig into why that happens with WPMU – see if it repeats with a test install of 2.8.4a – and if so, then, that’s another red card for the MU projects list. The failure was that it simply downloaded and unpacked the upgrade, then did nothing else, but the browser status bar reported a “Done” status from the upgrade script and nothing else. Below the actions list (where I’d usually expect a statement and link that all was well), nothing appeared.

I also need to test this on the other hosting services, because if all went to plan, I’d be launching a site a week using WPMU and BP – but that’s starting to look non-viable now due to the high maintenance-commit they seem to need.

Leave this one pending for now, and I’ll get back to you on it in a day or two after further testing.

Many thanks for your effort so far


p.s. – the upgrade to WPMU ended up being done manually due to the auto-upgrader issue – all plugins (including BP) were deactivated for the upgrade.

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