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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (



@jfigura – thanks for the tip about avoiding WPMU DEV templates, lol.

Re: too many quirky things in BP – I’ve found that a software program is ‘nothing but’ a bunch of quirky things. But it sure would be great if some brilliant programmer could create a plugin to solve this issue – I would certainly DONATE!

@Peter – you are definitely right about the trend to store sign-up email password notifications – In fact, I have a folder in my Gmail labelled ‘passwords’ full of logins including the one for Buddypress and WPMU! (I’d be resetting my password everyday if I didn’t)

@Mike – I would be willing to live with the current BP password situation because I sometimes forget (or delete) my own passwords and need to reset them and never even bother creating a password I can remember.

Where I’m at now, is trying to figure out how the frig to change the message from WPMU so I can eliminate the password that does not work (it actually sends the correct username).

I tried changing the text in the WPMU Admin panel, but this seems to have no effect at all – So I’m posting at the WPMU forum trying to find out which file to change.

Any ideas would be welcome : )

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