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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (



@ Mike—

“The fact that this occur for you in v1.1.3 obviously points to the fact that you have had issues independent of v1.2. What version of WPMU?”

“Are you setting the password during registration AND receiving an email with a DIFFERENT password?” — Um yes, that’s obvious and it is what the thread is about.

“Are you expecting to receive an email with a password (if so, why? given that’s not how BP works – in spite of @Peter’s incessant protests” —- If BP ASKS the user for a password, then the email SHOULD state that password, not something different. This is confusing the user and you already agreed with me on this earlier in the thread.

Using WPMU alone, you are not asked to set a password, therefore when the email arrives from WPMU, the password works. Not so with BP because the user has already set a password.

If this is not how BP is supposed to work, then how IS it supposed to work? You have stated previously “That’s it. No email.” —- Then why are my users getting emails to activate, then another email with a password after?

Again, there is no option for an admin to turn off BP overriding the password, or WPMU NOT to send the emails out. So obviously this is an underlying code issue somewhere involving BP since IT IS SUPPOSED to override WPMU.

It is apparent I am not the only one experiencing this and I think the issue is quite clear right from the OP’s first post.

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