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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (

I’m somewhat at a loss as to why people debate this issue or try and state it’s a WP issue as logically that doesn’t make sense?

As jfigura posts this is an inherent problem, I have it on a production install and it must be hugely confusing for users, and yes the only approach so far has been to modify the text and remove the WP password from the confirmation emails.

Further testing points to the initial blog registration as being possibly the issue:

Clean install of WP MU 2.9.1 & BuddyPress 1.2 no significant further plugins activated.

Test Condition 1:

WP MU with BuddyPress disabled – admin options -> Allow New Registrations ->’Only user account can be created’

Register new user

Receive confirmation email of new registration along with Activation key

Activate registration

Receive second email with account username and pass

All as expected!

Test Condition 2:

WP MU with Buddypress activated – admin options for registration still set as ‘User Account only’

Register new user

Receive confirmation and activation key

Activate registration – screen message stating ‘you can now login with user name and password you set’

No further emails sent!

Test Condition 3:

WP MU BuddyPress still activated – admin options -> Allow New Registrations -> ‘Enabled. Blogs and user accounts can be created.’

Register new user as well as a blog!

Receive confirmation and activation for account and new blog

Activate registration – screen message ‘you can now login with password you set etc etc’

Receive further email from WP! (copied below)

Dear User,

Your new ********* Blogs blog has been successfully set up at:


You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:

Username: eggbert

Password: 5f112917

Login Here: http://eggs.**********

We hope you enjoy your new blog.


–The Team @ ******** Blogs – Sent via Site Admin options email

So having new accounts and new blogs enabled at initial registration triggers the sending of the ‘Welcome Email’ noted above.

clearly this is confusing as it contains the WP generated password.

Why is it that BP registration doesn’t disable / override the WP registration completely? To my mind this IS a BP issue, but I may very well be wrong on that score as I don’t profess to have a deep understanding of the core coding involved here.

On a sidenote:

Testing this and the slightly odd behavior of ‘Allow New Registrations’ where option for ‘only logged in users can take a blog’ actually seems to prevent all registrations. It occurred to me that on a social community ,and from our experience, blogs are not necessarily what users register for and that I would prefer the option to have a blog be only available for registered users from their account options. what actually happens is that registration is disabled completely! Not the effect I desired. I realise this IS a WP MU issue but is simply daft behavior and that set of options needs to be re-worded to be a lot clearer as to what it really does.

It would be great to be able to restrict blog signup to users already with account set up and remove, completely, the option to take a blog on initial signup, I have done this by simply scripting out the option / section for registering a new blog in BP register page but feel it’s not the best approach?

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